* Public Sale Event on 6th and 8th of Nov 2019
Session 1:
Session Supply: 290,000,000 MYFIE
BTC Market: 100,000,000 MYFIE 
ETH Market: 100,000,000 MYFIE 
VD Market: 45,000,000 MYFIE
USDT Market: 45,000,000 MYFIE
Price: 0.0038 USDT
Starting Time: 06 November 2019 06:00 UTC 
Session 2:
Session Supply: 290,000,000 MYFIE
BTC Market: 100,000,000 MYFIE 
ETH Market: 100,000,000 MYFIE 
VD Market: 45,000,000 MYFIE 
USDT Market: 45,000,000 MYFIE 
Price: 0.0042 USDT
Starting Time: 08 November 2019 06:00 UTC 

* Project Introduction
The MyFie Project is an ambitious initiative to create a Block Chain based Platform to Monetize the Creative Output of Every Individual - the ubiquitous Selfie. One of the main aims of the project is to creatively engage Individuals to create unique selfies and to reward them for doing this! This is what millions of people in the world are already doing currently, but without being rewarded for it. Myfie will change this soon with a Block Chain Project based on a Proof of Created Content consensus.

Hardcap is 2.320.000
Softcap is 65.000

* Project highlight:
Logic Behind the Concept of Monetizing the Selfie:

Quality Digital Content is difficult to create and more difficult to acquire. Hence original, user created content demands a premium always! User created content’s phenomenal rise in popularity and exceptional financial feasibility is validated by the spectacular success of Google’s Youtube and Facebook’s Instagram. Youtube, the biggest User Created Content giant, earned 12.4 billion USD in ad revenues in 2017 for Alphabet Inc (Google) and is estimated to touch 24.7 Billion USD in 2020, Instagram’s estimated revenue for 2019 is 14 Billion USD! None of this is shared with the users who created the content in the first place! We propose to change this and make an honest attempt to reward the content creator on a one to one basis.
* Project Strength:
In what way will the MYFIE project be different from Youtube and Instagram?

The main and most important difference in the way in which the revenue is shared with the content creators and the way block chain technology will be used to share the earned revenue in a fair and transparent manner. Google has its favorites and is arbitrary in the way it shares the revenue with its publishers. When compared to the amount of money it makes, the money handed out to its publishers is pittance. There are several uploaders and youtubers who never get paid a single cent and yet Google makes money out of the posts of all uploads. On Instagram the only way to make money is through Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Content which is only for the experts and the experienced and not for the common man! 
Unlike the aforementioned other projects, MYFIE will reward every single user who uploads his or her selfie using the MYFIE APP to the MYFIE Website by issuing MYFIE Tokens. The process of monetizing your selfie using the MYFIE project is this. Install the MYFIE APP on your phone. Register by logging in with IMEI Number and ETH Address. Edit selfie to standard MYFIE size with APP.. Upload selfie through the APP. Wait for content moderation and approval. Note the displayed amount of MYFIE mined on the APP after uploaded selfie is accepted. When critical minting level is reached after multiple selfies are uploaded, the mined amount of MYFIE by way of proof of created content, will be minted and remitted to the ETH Address used for logging in.

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